Suggested Learning Activities

Please follow the links below to access suggested learning activities for each class:

 Early Years Blog for Nursery

Primary 1 Weekly Plan    P1 pdf version   P1 Worksheets

Primary 2 Weekly Plan    P2 pdf Version   P2 Worksheets

Primary 3 Weekly Plan    P3 pdf version   P3 Worksheets

Pupils in P3/4: P3 – follow P3 Weekly Plan above, P4 – Follow P3/4 Daily Plan/Glow Teams

P3&4 Daily Plan 17.06.20

P4 Daily Plan 17.06.20

P5 Daily Plan 17.06.20  Stay at Home Camp P5   TORONTO P5 Camp Singalong

P6 Daily Plan 17.06.20

P7&6 Daily Plan 17.06.20

P7 Daily Plan 17.06.20

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