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P3/4 Fun With Balloons

P3/4 have been investigating flight as part of their learning this term. This week P3/4 had fun experimenting and investigating balloons. The children discussed the types of gas that can be used to inflate balloons and the weight of helium compared to the air around us – the gas takes up space inside the balloon, forcing it to expand. We popped some balloons and untied the ends to let them fly around the room to illustrate air pressure inside a balloon and it escaping.

One pupil then drew a funny face on the surface of a balloon, but forgot to give it some ears. So 2 helpers pressed two plastic cups firmly onto either side of the balloon where the ears should be. We then blew the balloon up again while the helpers held the cups in place. When the balloon was big enough our helpers let go of the cups, which stuck to the balloon by themselves, showing the displacement of the air and the pressure surrounding.

We then continued the balloon fun by investigating static electricity. We tried sticking the balloon to the wall, picking up small pieces of paper and moving our hair.

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